Film production

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We produce this kind of film and that kind of film…


Is a pioneer and industry leader in individualised technology for the treatment of painful joint injuries.

S Communications helped Episurf with case films, xxx film and xxx film.


iBac is not your ordinary breathalyzer. It's a novel, state-of-the-art, fuel cell-enabled and highly accurate sensor in a miniaturized format that fits in your keychain or pocket.

Scommunications made this and that…video.

Soda Stream

Video highlighting Sodastream’s environmental efforts

This important video was produced together with Sodastream explaining how bottled beverages, and plastic packaging in general, pollute the oceans and harm both animals and humans alike.

Through a series of interviews with some young, insightful inhabitants and future leaders of our planet, a clear environmental message comes across: "Plastic is a threat to all life in our oceans!


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